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Over the past couple winter months, New Jersey has been hit quite hard with snow storms. All this snow can lead to roof damages. Here are some common winter roof problems that homeowners experience. Many times, it is best to hire a Central NJ Roofer if these problems become worse.
  • Shingle roof damage is a common problem during the winter. Water from melting snow and ice gets trapped on the roof due to ice dams and begins to accumulate. Eventually it'll leak under the roof system or through flashings because it has nowhere else to go.
  • Skylight problems can occur during winter months as well. Leaking can happen when a skylight is covered by ice and snow. Interior condensation has nowhere to escape, causing water to form. If you have a Central NJ roofing company taking care of winter-related problems, make sure they know where the skylights are so they don't get damaged
  • Repairing already existing roof damage. leaks or water marks on your walls and ceiling indicate that you already have some roof damage. This should be taken care of right away by a Central NJ roofing company. While most common shingle repairs range only around $500-$700, waiting and having additional ice damage can cause your roof to become unsalvageable and in need of replacement. A new roof installation can cost thousands.

Biondo Contracting does roof installations, roof repairs, and roof replacements all over Central NJ in towns such as South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Dayton, Kendall Park, North Brunswick, Monmouth Junction, Highland Park, Holmdel, Hillsborough, Manalapan, and many more. Call today for a free roofing estimate.


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