Countdown to the Spring S.A.T. Exams!

The next S.A.T. exam is exactly 5 weeks from today....Will you be ready?  Millions of students are signed up to receive the College Board online "Question of the Day."  But that's not nearly enough.  While something is better than nothing, students need to be well prepared for what may be one of the most important tests of their lives. 

The S.A.T. is marked on a curve, so you are actually competing against your peers.  At the minimum, you want to fully understand the directions and strategies for each section of the test, and have completed a few practice exams.  The best book to use to prepare is, “The Official S.A.T. Study Guide,” published by College Board since it mirrors exactly what will be found on the actual test.

Honing up on vocabulary is also a good idea for standardized tests such as this.  Having proctored almost every S.A.T. exam over the past 15 years, I have seen many of the same words appear over and over again (e.g. pragmatic, ephemeral and ambivalent) and have put together a list of 300 words frequently seen on the SAT exam.  If you would like a copy emailed to you, visit www.satsmart.com  Go to contact us and give your email address and a request for a vocabulary list, and we will promptly email it to you courtesy of S.A.T. Smart.

Happy studying!

Susan Alaimo is the founder and director of S.A.T. Smart and is currently offering courses to prepare students for the March, May and June S.A.T. exams in Hillsborough, Somerville, Princeton, Lawrenceville and Watchung, New Jersey and in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  Information and registration is available at www.satsmart.com


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