Missing Black Cat

Reward for his safe return! Jack is exclusively an indoor cat who accidentally got out on Monday 12/30/13. He is 8 1/2 years old, fairly big ( I'm sure he's lost some weight being gone so long), black domestic short hair w/ green eyes. He is very sweet but would be hesitant to go to a stranger. Jack has never hissed or scratched so he would be approachable but may run. At this point I'm sure he's hungry / confused so he may come if called. Most often cats are found within a five house radius of their home but are also known to travel about 5 miles a day. Because of his personality I doubt he would travel far from home but who knows. There are a lot black cats out there so I have received many leads. I have put out flyers, visited the local shelter (and will continue to do so), searched where there have been sightings, put out humane traps and much more. If anyone has a suggestion or ideas - please contact me. Any information or help to bring Jack home is appreciated. I'm so sad that he is missing. He's most likely confused and hopefully not hurt. I live between Cushing and Mt Vernon on Washington Valley Road in Bridgewater.
I have 2 humane traps. If you spot a black cat that fits his description on your property and are willing to let me set up the trap, please let me know. If I catch a feral cat I will spay / neuter him or her and release. Or maybe I'll get someone else's missing pet.  Contact:  Shannon 732 570 5361


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