5 Things to Know About the Municipal Budget

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Thursday, at the township council meeting, the council is expected to introduce some budget amendments, taking into account the fact that the tax rate increase is now set at 1.9 percent. So in preparation for that, we present five things to know about the municipal budget as it stands right now.

And let us know in the comments what kinds of cuts you would like to see to the budget.

  • Tax Rate—After much deliberation among council members, they decided to , by a 3-2 vote. Those in favor of the change said residents really cannot afford anything higher.
  • Cuts—Now that the change in the tax rate increase has been enacted, the township needs to make cuts to make it work. Among the cuts discussed [but not approved] have been 10 percent from the rescue squad budgets; after-hours health inspections; one recreation program; one-third of the police overtime budget, which includes officers for required court appearances; and more.
  • Budget Increase—The budget has increased from 2011 to 2012. The budget is currently set at $38,451,229.13, a 4.5 percent increase over the 2011 budget set at about $36.8 million.
  • Emergency Appropriations—Aside from the normal payments in the budget, the 2012 budget also has to include additional costs from damage and other needs after Hurricane Irene and the October snowstorm, as well as extra litigation.
  • $20 Extra—With the change in the tax rate, residents are looking at about $20 additional in their taxes, versus the $65 that was originally proposed.
BucaBuddy99 May 03, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Dear Bridgewater Patch: Please don't fall into the same trap that most news agencies do by writing things that are not factual as if they are the only options. As evidence, your second point above related to what would have to be "cut". If you take point number 3, the "Budget Increase", which is not set in stone as it is merely a budget and not actual money spent, then to say it needs to be "cut" is misleading since nothing yet has been spent (or at least it has not been spent in its entirety at this point in the year). Further, in point #2, you lay out the "cuts" that are being discussed but you don't mention who on the board is "discussing" these. The elected body of the Township Council will look at the budget and identify areas where we do not need to spend in 2012 as previously thought and move forward accordingly. Please try to keep this paper as neutral as possible and not act like so many biased news agencies (on both sides of the issues) so we can be informed and not sold on a point of view.


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