5 Ways to Celebrate Teachers

Check out our list to help get your day started.

Tuesday is officially National Teacher's Day, a day to honor those in the educational system. This is also Teacher Appreciation Week, so in honor of that, we present five ways the National Education Association has recommended to honor those great educators.

Information from the NEA website.

  • Shopping Discounts—Offer discounts to teachers for purchases made during the week or just on the individual day.
  • Messages—Run congratulatory messages on electronic billboards and other signs throughout the community to recognize all teachers in the area.
  • Bouquets—Put balloon and flower bouquets in teachers' lounges in all schools.
  • Food—Give teachers an apple, candy or other food gifts with a "thank you" note attached, which they can enjoy throughout the day.
  • Buttons—As part of the local education association, wear a button talking about your work and local membership.


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