5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Spring

Check out our list to help get your day started.

Spring has officially sprung today. Yes, the weather has been getting warmer over the past couple weeks, but Tuesday marks the official first day of spring. So in honor of that, we present five things you can do in Bridgewater to celebrate the start of the new season.

  • Take a Walk—Bridgewater is filled to brimming with parks, many with walking trails. So head on over to , or any similar location to take a nice walk in the [hopefully] bright sunshine of the first day of spring.
  • Round of Golf—Why not get in nine holes at the ? The course is owned and maintainted by the county, and recently opened for the new season. Head on over for a day in the sun!
  • Meal Outside—With the weather getting warmer, some restaurants are opening their outdoor dining patios. One of those would be the , which has now opened its outside patio—head on over for a nice dinner under the stars.
  • Plan for Summer—It is never too early to think about summer, and the first day of spring is probably the best time for it. So why not prepare for this season's summer camps? Head over to the and sign up for some of the many camps offered for youth.
  • Tennis Anyone?—The , on Garretson Road, are also officially opening for the season, so make a date to swing that racket and get some rounds in before dinnertime.


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