Hospital Refuses To Continue Second Part Of Facial Surgery, Somerset County Woman Sues

A Somerset County woman underwent the first half of her two-part facial surgery, but after her insurance company stopped paying for treatment the hospital refused to continue on to the second surgery, according to nj.com.

 Rujiao Ouyang, 55, of Franklin has a condition known as frontal ameloblastoma, which causes tumors to grow on her face and jaw.  Part of the surgery she was receiving at New York University Medical Center involves removing a bone from the patient’s leg and transplanting it into their jaw, according to nj.com

Doctors refused to do the second surgery after Ouyang’s insurance company decided to stop paying, which her lawyer argues is unethical and illegal, according to nj.com.

Read more here http://www.nj.com/somerset/index.ssf/2014/05/nj_woman_sues_after_ny_hospital_doesnt_finish_her_facial_surgery.html


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