Labor Day is No Time to Skimp on Helping the Planet

We've got your tips for having a green Labor Day after all.

Summer may be over, but this is no time to stop thinking about ways to stay "green" in our daily lives.

Chris Poulsen, director of health and human services for the township, offers tips for staying green during this Labor Day weekend:

  • Send out electronic invitations or invitations on recycled paper for barbecues and parties.
  • Use natural charcoal for your barbecue.
  • Encourage friends to walk, bike or car pool to your party.
  • Serve local seasonal foods.
  • Serve foods on bio-degradable plates made from corn fiber.
  • Try natural insect control with citronella candles.
  • Create delectable desserts from local seasonal fruit.
  • Use safe non-toxic organic cleaning products.
  • Just say No to H2O in plastic bottles and reusable beverage bottles.
  • Recycle all beverage containers and compost melon rinds.
  • Use biodegradable trash bags.
  • Complete a “green” family project by planting a tree or constructing a rain garden.

If you have any questions about these tips, or have some of your own, contact the Bridgewater Environmental Commission at health@bridgewaternj.gov.


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