Residents Can Easily Prevent Stormwater Pollution

We offer tips and information for staying green.

The Bridgewater Environmental Commission has offered the following “Sustainable” tips, all compiled from suggestions from residents around the township.

Be Part of the Solution To Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to a clean and sufficient water supply. Materials from common daily activities can be washed by rain into storm drains that discharge to our waterways. These materials including fertilizers, motor oil, pesticides, detergents, pet wastes and grass clippings can then end up in our water.

The Environmental Commission reminds all residents to share in the responsibility for clean water. The following tips are offered to keep common contaminants and potential pollutants out of our stormwater.

Limit Your Use of Fertilizers and Pesticides

  • Do not apply fertilizers if heavy rain is in the forecast.
  • Research alternatives for pesticides.
  • Follow the label directions for fertilizers and pesticides.

Properly Use and Dispose of Hazardous Products

  • Hazardous products include household cleaners, motor oil, antifreeze, lawn and garden care products and paints.
  • Do not pour any hazardous products down a storm drain.
  • Store hazardous products in a safe manner and dispose of any residuals in a proper fashion as at the Somerset County Hazardous Waste Disposal Day.
  • Recycle used motor oil.
  • Use natural or less toxic materials when possible. 

Clean Up After Your Pet

  • Use newspapers, bags or pooper-scoopers to pick up wastes.
  • Dispose of the wrapped pet wastes in the trash or unwrapped in a toilet.
  • Never discard pet wastes in a storm drain.

Do Not Litter

  • Place litter in trash receptacles.
  • Place recyclable materials in a recycling bin.
  • Participate in community clean-ups when available.
  • Remind friends and family not to litter.

Dispose of Yard Waste Properly

  • Keep leaves and grass out of storm drains.
  • Use leaves and grass clippings as a resource for compost.
  • Participate in a local program on the backyard composting process.
  • Utilize the township’s Yard Waste Disposal Center.

Please feel free to forward any additional hints or ideas to the Environmental Commission at health@bridgewaternj.gov.

Chris O. Poulsen
Director of Human Services
Bridgewater Township


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