Week Eight: Time to Shake Those Hips [Video]

Zumba is an exercise for much of the center region of the body.

I’ve never been very good at shaking what my mama gave me.

[Nor do I sound very good saying that.]

I was always more of a flowy person, taking the strict movement of ballet and its flowing arms to follow specific dance rules—and not have to shake anything.

But I have always wanted to take a zumba class, which, aside from being good exercise, seemed like an exciting and different form of dance to try.

So I decided to bring Patch Takes it Off to the  for one of its zumba classes—and while I had a good time, and am very glad I did it, I am forever convinced that my hips just don’t move that way.

The class was done to mostly Latin music, which would normally get any person moving, and I admit I tried … but in trying to shake my hips and turn in circles and walk side to side, something just didn’t connect. I felt a little disjointed.

The entire class was done to the music, with different dance moves being tried each time. I kept watching myself in the mirror, and wondering why my movements didn’t look like those of the instructor—I know I have some rhythm and musicality, and while I didn’t think the class would be easy, I thought I would have a slight advantage.

I was very wrong.

And yet I still had a pretty good time.

It’s amazing when you think about the exercise values of a zumba class. It can really tone your abs because you are moving your stomach in all directions, shaking your hips and moving in all directions.

Plus it requires moving your arms, walking, jumping—it’s just a great exercise opportunity.

I had a good time in the zumba class, experiencing a different kind of dancing and just opening up my repertoire in my favorite activity. I may not have been very good at it [and I’m very okay readily admitting that], but I tried my hardest, gave it my all and definitely learned a great deal.

Always wanted to take this kind of class, very glad I did.


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