Tensions Rise as 'Jerseylicious' Crews Await Reviews

Whether it's over salon rankings or who's going to be the spotlight, everyone wants to be in the limelight.

Tensions rise through this week's episode as the crews anxiously await the publication of Modern Salon's "Hot in New Jersey" article on the Garden State's best hair salons.

When Modern Salon writer Maggie Mulhern returns to the Anthony Roberts Salon in Verona to arrange the follow-up photo and video shoots, owner Anthony Lombardi says he doesn't plan on including the hairstylists, which doesn't sit well with stylist Tracy Dimarco.

"I be in the video or photo shoot come hell or high water," she says.

Later, whenowner Gayle Giacomo mentions Gatsby will also be featured in Modern Salon, DiMarco asks when Gatsby's photo shoot will be—but Giacomo hasn't heard anything about a follow-up visit.

"I was really excited when I first heard about it, but now I don't know," she said.

When she complains to daughter and Gatsby manager Christy Pereira, Periera tries to get her to focus on the positive. 

"Maybe, because Anthony's salon is new, it's exciting," Pereira said. "Let's worry about this (salon), not everyone else."

Looking to help the new moms in her salon, Pereira invites them to her new home, where she shares tips and thoughts on motherhood. Later, Jackie reciprocates, hosting a gathering in her home.

"Helping Jackie and Doria is like looking at myself two years ago," Christy says. "It's important for new mothers to talk."

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Ahead of Modern Salon's photo shoot at the Anthony Roberts Salon, Lombardi anguishes over the salon's mission statement. DiMarco tries to give him a pep talk, and he's bouyed by her words. 

When Mulhern and crew return to the salon, she takes note of  graduate Olivia Blois Sharpe for her attire, which upsets DiMarco. When Sharpe seems to get the spotlight treatment in a viseo segment for Modern Salon TV, DiMarco begins to doubt the wisdom of having told anyone about the magazine's competition.

When article is finally published, Lombardi is happy with the results, noting he was so worried about his mission statement, he lost sight of what was important. He compliments his staff by saying they are his statement.   

But Giacomo isn't satified with Gatsby's ranking as a "gem" among New Jersey salons.

"I'm not going to let Gatsby take second seat to anyone, so now I'm motivated to make sure Gatsby is the best of the best," she says.


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