Prevent Pet Theft and Loss by Having Your Pet Microchipped

Bridgewater Veterinary Hospital lists the the common ways pets get lost, and how a microchip can bring them home again.

It is a reality—pets get lost. 

Without proper identification, 90 percent of them never return home. 

Microchipping is a painless procedure that helps to ensure the protection of your pet. The microchip itself is a small computer chip, about the size of a grain of rice. The chip is easily injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. 

This chip stores a number unique to your pet, and can be read through a scanner passed over the skin. Local animal shelters and veterinary hospitals have scanners and use them to identify any strays brought in. When a stray pet has a microchip, it can easily be identified and quickly returned to its family.

The chip poses no health threat to your pet. Unlike tags and collars, which can fall off, the microchip is permanent.

No one plans on losing a pet or having one stolen, but unfortunately one in three pets are lost, and only one and 10 are found. Accidents happen: are you prepared?

 Ten common ways pets are lost:

  • A handyman accidentally lets your pet out
  • A window, perhaps the screen is loose or it is left open
  • An unattended pet can be stolen
  • An owner may tie up a dog, but a poor knot can easily slip
  • Dogs are released without a leash for a “quick” run
  • Thunderstorms or fireworks cause pets to panic and flee
  • Digging dogs can escape under fences
  • An electric fence goes down or your pet bolts through it, and once through they get “locked out”
  • While traveling, pets can wander off in unfamiliar territory
  • In emergency situations or natural disasters, pets may flee or get lost in the turmoil.

The microchip insertion is quick and causes minimal discomfort. Your pet does not need to be tranquilized, and microchipping can easily be done while he or she is in for any appointment or procedure. After insertion, you will need to register your pet with the appropriate recovery service.

Please feel free to call at 908-704-6700 with any questions regarding this important topic.  Be sure to check us out on facebook or visit our website.

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