Glam Girl Gets Engaged on 'Jerseylicious'

And mom gets mad when son is not included in Modern Salon photo shoot.

While the "Jerseylicious" castmates are often adorned in bling, this week, one of them got a diamond ring.

Alexa Prisco, owner of the Glam Factory, in Hoboken, got engaged to her boyfriend Danny Ziegler on Sunday night's episode of The Style Network show, which also stars graduate Olivia Blois Sharpe and Bridgewater resident Gayle Giacomo. According to The Style Network blog, Ziegler said he was not too nervous to ask Prisco to marry him.

Almost immediately after saying "yes," castmates began planning a glamorous engagement party. But Prisco's best friend, John Kutlu, was offended when he was asked by Cathy Giove to merely assist with Prisco's engagement party.

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"I will not be an assistant to my best friend's engagement party. I think Cathy saw the look on my face and realized my tone wasn't going to back down, so when she mentioned me becoming a co-chair I was like, OK, fine, that's cute," Kutlu said on the Style Network blog.

And that was not the only commotion Giove caused on Sunday's episode. Also this week, viewers caught a glimpse of Giove getting sassy when Anthony Lombardi did not ask her son, whom she affectionately calls "Filly," to be included in a photo shoot for Modern Salon magazine.

On the last episode, the Anthony Robert Salon was chosen

"Jerseylicious" airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on The Style Network.


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