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'Jerseylicious': Gatsby Rehires Liscio After Vacation Postponed

Montville grad Olivia Blois Sharpe visits Amish country for a weekend instead of Atlantic City for a week.

Work on the new Anthony Roberts Salon is taking longer than expected, which sets "Jerseylicious" plot twists in motion in this week's episode that culminates in the rehiring of Gigi Liscio by The Gatsby Salon.

Gatsby owner Gayle Giacomo, a Bridgewater resident, says she needs Olivia Blois Sharpe to cancel a planned weeklong vacation because two stylist positions that were held by Liscio and Tracey DiMarco, whom Giacomo fired at the end of last season for lining up jobs with Anthony Roberts Salon, still haven't been filled.

Blois Sharpe, a Montville Township High School graduate, agrees to postpone her vacation to help her boss and decides to visit Amish country with her boyfriend as a weekend trip instead.

["Do you have any leopard print? Or cheetah?" she wonders as she looks through an Amish wardrobe for clothing to try on.]

Anthony Roberts Salon owner Anthony Lombardi feels guilty he doesn't have jobs yet for Liscio and DiMarco, so he has them work at his existing, smaller salon, even though the work area is cramped and it means archrivals Blois Sharpe and DiMarco will be working "within spitting distance" of each other.

That's how Blois Sharpe's BFF and fellow Montville grad Jackie Bianchi—who is pregnant on the show, and recently announced the birth of her daughter off the show—puts it.

Meanwhile, Liscio has been trying to get back in the Gatsby's good graces, which DiMarco doesn't understand.

"Why would you want to go crawling back to some place that fired you?" DiMarco asks.

It shows weakness, especially in the hair industry, especially in New Jersey, she says.

But Gatsby manager Christy Pereira, Giacomo's daughter and also a Bridgewater resident, arranges an interview for Liscio despite her mom's resistance.

Giacomo decides to hire her back, saying Liscio is very creative and they always worked well together.

"Jerseylicious" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Style.

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