'Jerseylicious' Season Starts With Sharpe Drama

She finds herself fighting with a former friend and current enemy.

"Jerseylicious" returned on the Style Network Monday, and, as always, the name of the game was drama.

The show follows the adventures of the Gatsby Salon, owned by Bridgewater resident Gayle Giacomo, and located in Green Brook.

But this premiere episode was not based in the salon itself, and had more of a focus on Montville graduate Olivia Blois-Sharpe, who left the Gatsby Salon at the end of season four in favor of starting her own business.

Sharpe spent an evening out with her friends and ran into the ex-boyfriend of her former friend Gigi Liscio. Drama spiraled out of control when Sharpe ran into enemy, and hairstylist, Tracy DiMarco, who confronted her for spending time with said ex-boyfriend.

The two had one of their usual spats outside the Anthony Roberts Salon before parting ways.

Finally, the episode ended with a major fight when Liscio confronted Sharpe for not returning any of her calls—they fought over who had betrayed who, who was talking about the other behind her back and much more.

Although the fight ended with a hug in Sharpe's apartment, the preview for the season promised much more fighting in store.

Giacomo made a brief appearance in the episode in an early scene at the salon discussing the art of dating while working with clients, and then toward the end when she helped celebrate Anthony Lombardi's birthday at his salon (Anthony Roberts Salon), where they held a casino-style party.

"Jerseylicious" now airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on The Style Network.

Emmaline January 30, 2013 at 10:56 PM
I think the show could do without Tracy since all she does is spend her time hating Olivia. That story line has gotten too old and its the same ole same ole. Olivia has done everything to stay away from Tracy but Tracy can't stay away from Olivia and injects her hate comments every time she sees her when its none of her business. I am sure Tracy is very jealous of Olivia but Tracy needs therapy cause she is obsessed with hate and that could be dangerous.


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