On Craigslist: Some Bunny Literature, Some Kitty, uh, Litter?

Just your usual items for sale in Morristown.

Every Friday we look at some interesting items that are for sale here in Morristown. And, every Friday, we continue to be surprised. Yeah, that's a nice way of putting it.

  1. Want an 8MM Projector? Classic family movies or because you're a hipster that's been taught that anything old and ironic must be cool. It works, according to the seller, which has had it listed since Aug. 11 for $50.
  2. Want an Antique Sink? C'mon, it's from a company called "Meyer Sniffen." You need this. It's from 1905, it's in great shape. When hooked up to some pipes, it will, in fact produce water. Who could ask for anything more? Also, "this sink was originally in the 1905 Louis A. Thebaud mansion of Morristown," according to the listing, which has been up since Aug. 10. $1,499 and this baby is all yours.
  3. Want Handmade Dolls? It's Raggety Ann and Andy. They're classic, they're cuddly, they are yours for $25 or your best offer. Listed since Aug. 8.
  4. Want Them, uh, For the Articles? Forget about having to search for back issues. This collector is selling off their entire Playboy collection, 530 issues from 1964 to 2003. That's a lot of, uh, articles. Listed since July 27, $800 and you've gotta deal.
  5. Want, uh ... Used Cat Feces? Oh, sorry, we mean "used" cat feces, as this listing notes. It's apparently free, and even comes with a pillow! Up since Aug. 11, we usually list these by most recent to oldest ... but we had to save the best for last. Morristown, it's a heckuva place (by the way, if for some strange reason this listing is no longer up, let us know ... we captured a screenshot).
Edward france August 12, 2011 at 10:47 AM
Craig Newmark tthe founder and owner of " craig's list" grew up in Morristown. Class of 1971 Morristown high school. Just some info for the readers. I went to school with him. Just shows that being a science and math major could take you places I guess.


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