Newly Opened Red Mango Brings Service to Town

Frozen yogurt shop shows community support by getting involved with sports organizations.

Not only is the Red Mango frozen yogurt shop in the brand new, but it offers something that no other location in the mall can claim: all-natural, fat free, probiotic-infused self-serve frozen yogurt with a wide variety of toppings.

So far, the reviews have been glowing.

“People are so happy that we’re here,” said Red Mango owner Karen Chmelar. “I hear people say over and over, ‘we’re so happy to have a healthy option in the mall.’”

Providing a healthy product is important to Chmelar, which is why she chose to open a Red Mango over any other frozen yogurt franchise.

I have an active lifestyle, I like to exercise and I try to eat healthy as much as I can,” Chmelar said. “That’s why I chose Red Mango over some of the other chains, because our yogurt is all natural and it does offer the health benefits.”

Red Mango is also a consistently growing entity. The franchise has more than 200 locations across the United States alone, after beginning in Korea as the brainchild of Red Mango founder Dan Kim, which also aided Chmelar’s choice in choosing to become a franchisee of the chain after a career in real estate.

However, a small challenge still remains in educating people on the Red Mango philosophy of all-natural products in a self-serve setting.

“I feel like it’s a risk, as with any business, but I feel it’s a well-calculated risk,” Chmelar said. “The challenge is, because we’re new, some people don’t know we’re here. Some people aren’t familiar with the self-serve yogurt idea. They peek in the window and they’re not sure what it is. We’re trying to educate them on that.”

One way Red Mango educates its customers is by giving out free samples of its products. Customers can come in and try every flavor, then pick the flavor they like the most before adding topics like fresh fruit, candy, cookies, syrups and more.

“We always offer our guests free samples," Chmelar said. "It’s always important that they sample the flavors first and find a flavor they like."

Red Mango also gives its customers options by offering a line of smoothies—regular fruit and yogurt smoothies, heartier, “Meal-Worthy” smoothies with granola and ultra-thick “Spoonable” smoothies with yogurt and banana—as well as probiotic-infused seasonal lemonades and teas.

Also of note is the new store’s community involvement. The new Bridgewater location is already a willing participant in Red Mango’s “Good Neighbor” program, which helps to support and raise money for any worthy local cause.

“Any group looking to raise money, they pick a day and a time, they do the advertising and we donate a portion of proceeds to their cause,” Chmelar said.

Involvement in local sports organizations, Chmelar said, is also not far behind.

“If the teams come in after games wearing their uniforms, we’re offering 25 percent off,” she said. “I want to go and spread coupons out at all the ball games.”

“I really want to focus on getting out and involved in the community and giving back,” she added. “That’s really important to me. We’re hoping to really focus on that moving forward.”

No matter how customers come in, though, Chmelar can promise one thing.

“Once people come in and they try the yogurt, the fresh fruit and the toppings bar, they’re hooked,” she said.


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