What Should Open in the Sanofi Research Buildings?

Sanofi-Aventis is closing research facilities on Route 202/206.

In working to make changes to its research and development, , in Bridgewater, has consolidated services and locations, and plans to have its site at 1041 Route 202/206 completely closed by the end of the fourth quarter.

This will leave a great deal of vacant square footage of research area on Route 202/206 in a zone that allows for that kind of work.

Township administrator James Naples has said the township is going to be monitoring the closure of the site, and reporting on how it could affect the township.

"They are vacating the site and looking for a new owner," he said. "Due to the consolidation, there are millions of vacant square footage of research areas."

So, Bridgewater, we want to know what you think should open in those facilities.

Would you like to see another pharmaceutical come in? Or should something different open in that research and development center?

Tell us below in the comments!

Jean Garzillo July 13, 2012 at 11:08 PM
How can I secure publicity you gave my garden club - washington Valley-re: its May 25 flower show at the senior center in Bridgewater.


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