5 Things to Know About iPhone 5

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Friday is the official launch day of the iPhone 5 at Apple stores, Verizon stores and many other locations. So in honor of that, we present five facts to know about the iPhone 5.

Information from the Apple website.

  • Thinnest Phone—The new iPhone is only 7.6 millimeters thin, and is 112 grams in weight.
  • Crystal Screen—The screen of the phone is made from sapphire crystal, which has been found to be far less likely to scratch because of its hardness.
  • Improved Maps—The map function on the phone speaks the directions as you go, and there are 3-D views to see where you are going. You can also get a photo-realistic view of major metro areas, and traffic updates in real time.
  • Advanced Camera—The camera is 8 megapixels, with a 1080p HD videocamera. You can also shoot panorama photos, and edit with certain functions.
  • FaceTime—The application works without setting it up beforehand, and you can switch between front and back cameras while on the call.


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