5 Things to Know About the Circus

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The is holding a special program for kids in grades three and older to learn about the circus from The Circus Place, a training program, while a troupe will teach how to juggle, balance on a tight rope and spin plates. So in honor of that, we present five things to know about The Circus Place.

Information from The Circus Place.

  • Balance and Fitness—The camp held by the program teaches balance and fitness through the trapeze, tumbling, juggling, unicycling and much more.
  • Weekly Camp—The camp also includes weekly shows during the summer camp.
  • Hillsborough—The camp itself is based on Jill Court in Hillsborough.
  • Aerials—The program teaches climbing, poses, wraps and positions with aerial ropes and other fabrics for kids, teens and adults.
  • Band of Jugglers—They work with the organization to teach adults and kids, with this group having a focus on juggling.


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