5 Things to Know About Tuesday's BOE Meeting

Check out this list to get your day started.

The board of education is holding its agenda session Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Harmon V. Wade Administration Building on Newmans Lane. Before this first board meeting of the new school year, we present five things to know about the upcoming agenda.

  • —Although the new contract is not up for ratification quite yet, the superintendent will be providing an update on the status of the negotiations.
  • —At a recent meeting, members of the high school robotics team asked for certain considerations for the coming year—the superintendent will be speaking about the club as it stands thus far.
  • Opening Day—The was last week, and the superintendent will talk about how it went.
  • Student Parking—The board of education will be discussing its policy on student parking, and determing if any changes should be made about what cars are allowed on campus.
  • Student Reps—The board will be discussing its policy on student representatives, focusing on how many there should be in total.


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