5 Things to Know About YMCA Solar Project

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The will be closed from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday while the electricity is turned off for the final phase of the county's solar panel project at the location. So to keep everyone apprised of the project, we present five facts to know about the solar panel project.

*Just a note, the Hillsborough and Somerville branches of the Somerset Valley YMCA will remain open all day.

  • Car Port Panels—The solar panels have been designed as car port solar panels, putting them high above the parking lot at the YMCA and not eliminating any spaces.
  • Concerns Over Visuals—When the plan was first brought before the zoning board, there were concerns over being able to see the panels from the street. But the board is requiring additional trees to be planted to shield them from view.
  • Three Parts—This is part of a three-part sustainable energy project among the three branches of the YMCA in the county.
  • 17 Feet—The structure itself is 17 feet at its highest point, and 10 feet at its lowest. It is 8.5 feet off the ground to provide for maneuverability of vehicles with lights underneath the canopy at about 13 feet in height.
  • No Cost—The project is being done at no cost to the township itself.
Michael Krug July 11, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Solar panels have been popping up on schools, Wal-Marts, homes, and many other buildings, so this seems to be part of an overall trend. People are just starting to learn about the money they can save with solar (http://www.energysage.com/about-clean-energy/types/solar-photovoltaic-pv), and when more people become familiar with the technology there could be a boom of projects similar to this one.


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