5 Ways to be Sustainable in Bridgewater

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Thursday is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, the author of "Walden" and other works that focused on environmentalism and living in concert with the environment. So in honor of that, we present five ways Bridgewater encourages residents to be sustainable, while maintaining sustainability in the township itself.

  • Municipal Building—The on Commons Way is one of the only LEED-certified municipal buildings.
  • Tree Preservation—The township has a special ordinance in which it speaks to residents about saving and replacing native mature trees.
  • Recycling—The township works with the county through its recycling program.
  • Walking—There are plenty of walking paths throughout Bridgewater, including at and other locations.
  • —The challenge is all about providing a guide for reducing your carbon footprint and protecting our natural resources. It allows residents to share their methods for being sustainable.


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