Bridgewater Sells: Electronics and Parts

What are your neighbors selling on Craigslist?

Bridgewater has so many stores, little shops and other businesses to buy goods. But have you ever wondered what your neighbors are selling on their own and online?

Right here, we will take a look at just a few of the most exciting items on Craigslist every Thursday!

  • Looking for Some Candles?—This candelabra, with clear and amber crystals, is on sale for $75. It was used once for a wedding, and is 29 inches in height without the candles themselves.
  • How About a New Phone?—Need a new phone, albeit not the newest? A resident is selling a Sprint iPhone 4S, brand new, for $450.
  • We’ve Got Your Tires—A resident is selling two brand new Michelin tires, with the labels still on, for $189 each.
  • Too Cold for the Pool?—A resident is selling a four- to five-man hot tub that is 20 years old. It is being sold for $275.
  • Don’t Like Michelin?—That’s OK because one resident is selling a 16-inch original Honda Alloy Wheel with a brand new Hankook summer tire. Both are being sold for $400.
  • How About a Car Radio?—A resident is selling a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe radio, with Bluetooth, FM, AM and more. The piece is being sold for $100.
  • Bicycle Time?—A resident is selling a 2008 Trek Madone bicycle, which was ridden for less than 400 miles, and never crashed. It is on sale for $2,400.


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