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Bridgewater Sells: Furniture Being Sold in Town

What are your neighbors selling on Craigslist?

Bridgewater has so many stores, little shops and other businesses to buy goods. But have you ever wondered what your neighbors are selling on their own and online?

Right here, we will take a look at just a few of the most exciting items on Craigslist every Thursday!

  • Want a Chaise?—A Bridgewater resident is selling an Ethan Allen Monaco chaise for a total of $500. The items is only six months old.
  • More Ethan Allen Around—If you're looking for a dining table and side chairs from Ethan Allen, a Bridgewater resident is selling them for $1,800, also six months old.
  • Try an Armoire—If you like Ethan Allen, a resident is selling a British Classic Calvin armoire, for $1,650. It is also six months old.
  • Add a Sofa—And finish off your list of six-month-old Ethan Allen items with this Montgomery 72-inch sofa, on the market for $900.
  • Ottoman With That?—This Calico Corner Ottoman is on the market for $350, and it is six months old.
  • Time for Some Rearranging—If you're looking to do a little rearranging, a resident is selling four assembled units, with seven adjustable shelves per unit to hold items. It is overall about 84 inches high.


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