Bridgewater Sells: MP3 Players, Video Games, More on Sale

What are your neighbors selling on Craigslist?

Bridgewater has so many stores, little shops and other businesses to buy goods. But have you ever wondered what your neighbors are selling on their own and online?

Right here, we will take a look at just a few of the most exciting items on Craigslist every Thursday!

  • Heading on a Motorcycle Trip?—A resident is selling a new Kuryakyn Tombstone Bag that serves as both a rigid frame backrest and bag with zippered pockets, clips, pouches and much more. The bag is on the market for $75.
  • Now for the Tires—A resident is also selling new Metzler motorcycle tires, front and rear. They are on the market for $200.
  • Like Some Sims?—You ever like playing the Sims on your PC? Well, one resident is selling the game, all in its original packaging and very lightly used. The resident is selling it for $20.
  • Audio/Video Electronics Ready Too—A resident is selling a Pioneer Audio/Video Multi-Channel Receiver with a remote, and XM Satellite, for $150.
  • Now for a Disc Changer—And if you love music, you’ll love this compact 6-disc changer with a remote, being sold for $125, with MP3 playback and more.
  • Looking for Some Exercise?—If you want a little exercise in your home, try purchasing this Proform Treadmill, on the market for $50.
  • Time for Some Drying—A resident is selling an older commercial gas dryer, on the market for $500.
  • Entire Stereo System Ready for Purchase—A resident is selling a Sony Stereo System with a 3-CD changer, 2-deck cassette player and radio. It is being sold for $49.


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