Bridgewater Sells: Snow Equipment, More on Sale

What are your neighbors selling on Craigslist?

Bridgewater has so many stores, little shops and other businesses to buy goods. But have you ever wondered what your neighbors are selling on their own and online?

And with the holiday season officially beginning now, it’s the best time to find some good deals, great items.

Right here, we will take a look at just a few of the most exciting items on Craigslist every Thursday!

  • Like a Little Golf?—A resident is selling a children’s starter set of golf clubs, in excellent condition and on the market for $50.
  • Prepare for Winter—A resident is selling a barely used craftsman snow blade, 42 inches with all mounting brackets included. The piece is on the market for $250, and the seller is also including a pair of wheel weights and tire chains.
  • Get Tires Ready—A resident is selling a set of four Firestone winter/snow tires, all with less than 500 miles on them. They come with three hubcaps, and it’s all on the market for $290.
  • Got a Toyota?—A resident is selling a highlander tow bar/hitch from 2007 for $200. It is like new, and is a Toyota original OEM class III Tow Bar/Hitch.


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