Mother, Son Healthy After Ambulance Delivery

Debbie Walsh and her new son Liam are doing well after he was delivered in the back of an ambulance Sept. 12.

It may have been a scary experience, but for Bridgewater mother Debbie Walsh—who gave birth to her fourth child Sept. 12 in the back of an ambulance—she is just pleased that everything went well.

Members of the Martinsville Rescue Squad, including Chief John Cowley, helped deliver Liam Walsh in the ambulance at 8:25 a.m. Sept. 12 when they couldn't make it to Somerset Medical Center in time.

"Giving birth anywhere but in the hospital with a doctor present is scary," Debbie Walsh said. "Liam is my fourth child, so I knew what to do, but I did not expect him to come so fast, which is why I got stuck calling 911."

Walsh said she thought they would make it the medical center on time once she had the rescue squad, but Liam apparently had other ideas.

"I certainly wasn't going to be able to ride in a car to get there," she said. "The police were the first to arrive, and were very reassuring and calming. Then an EMT arrived and I felt much better."

By the time the ambulance had reached the area of Country Club Road and Route 22, they had to pull over and deliver the baby because he was already crowning.

"After the ambulance came and I was aboard, I felt safer and knew I would be at the hospital soon, although we didn't make it there," Walsh said. "All the rescue workers were wonderful."

And now Walsh is enjoying the newest addition to her family.

"Baby Liam is doing great," she said.


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