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UPDATE: Massive Brush Fire Rages In Berkeley,…

Student Hit by Car, Absentee Policy Top Local News

And $2,600 in heroin is seized in a drug bust in Bridgewater.

UPDATE: 14-Year-Old Student Hit By Teen Driver, Police Say

A 14-year-old student was hit by a car while she crossed the street from the Bridgewater YMCA to the Bridgewater-Raritan High School Thursday morning.

$2.6K in Heroin Seized in Bridgewater Bust

A Finderne Avenue man was arrested for having the quantity of heroin in his possession, and was also charged with intent to distribute.

Absentee Policy Penalizing Good Kids, Parents Say

Parents expressed concern that the new absentee policy is too strict on students who are actually missing classes for excused reasons, like illness or college visits.

Baby Bear Sighted Near Garretson Road

A baby bear, determined to be non-aggressive, was spotted behind several homes on Garretson Road.

Baby Delivered By Rescue Squad Off Route 22

The Martinsville Rescue Squad delivered a baby inside its ambulance on the side of Route 22 Sept. 12.


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