Top Bridgewater Stories in November

Sandy's aftermath and recovery dominate news last month.

About 760 JCP&L Customers Expected to be Restored Monday

About 760 JCP&L customers were restored with power about a week after the storm, with more than 1,100 still suffering in the dark by Nov. 5.

Outages Drop as JCP&L Adds More Manpower

At some point, more than a week after the hurricane, JCP&L said it was increasing manpower to help restore most of the remaining power outages.

Power Outages Cause Some Polling Places to Change

Polling locations had to be changed at the last minute because of continued power outages after the hurricane.

Stores Reopening Throughout Bridgewater

We tracked the reopening of stores and businesses after the hurricane.

Gas Rationing Begins Saturday in 12 Counties

The governor started a gas rationing system in 12 counties after the hurricane to combat long lines at gas stations.

UPDATED: Fatal Crash Kills 2, Injures Man, Boy, 11

Two women were killed after the vehicle they were in ran off the roadway on Route 78 in Bernards on Thanksgiving.

Remove JCP&L From Bridgewater, Petition Says

One resident started a petition to have JCP&L removed from Bridgewater after dealing with more than 14 days without power following the hurricane.

Day Six Without Power Brings Little Change

More than 10,000 people in Bridgewater were still without power even a week after Superstorm Sandy battered the area.

Spring Break May Get Cut for Sandy Make-Up Days

The district is trying to decide how to make up days lost when the schools had no power after the superstorm, and part of the consideration is using spring break as make-up days if schools have to close again for snow.

The Weekend Begins With No Power for Many

The first weekend after Superstorm Sandy hit saw more than 5,000 residents still without power between both PSE&G and JCP&L.

Power Slowly Returning to Bridgewater

The number of people without power after the storm was unfortunately dwindling slowly in that first week after it.

Bridgewater Residents Enter Day 4 Without Power

By the fourth day without power after the storm, many residents were questioning what was taking so long, and why some areas of town were getting it back quicker than others.

Close to 5,000 PSE&G Customers Still Without Power

Even on election day, there were still close to 5,000 PSE&G customers without power, and about 800 JCP&L customers without power.

Yard Waste Pick-Up Receives Emergency Funding

The township council approved emergency funding to hire several companies to pick up yard waste left around town after the superstorm knocked over trees all over Bridgewater.

Schools Closed Monday and Tuesday

The school district shut down the Monday after the storm, closing for that day and the next in advance of it.

Where to Get Gas – Tell Your Neighbors

We had a story providing ideas of where to get gas throughout Bridgewater and the surrounding towns as the lines got longer and longer.

Sandy: A Superstorm in Photos

We had photos, many provided by residents themselves, of the destruction Superstorm Sandy wrought across Bridgewater.

About 100 Additional JCP&L Customers Without Power

Another 100 JCP&L customers found themselves without power after a snowstorm hit Bridgewater about one week after Superstorm Sandy.

No Charges Filed in False Home Invasion Report, Police Say

No charges were filed against a Cedar Crest resident who filed a false police report about an alleged home invasion.

Make-Up Days Cut Presidents Day Long Weekend

The board opted to eliminated Presidents Day Weekend in order to account for the many days off because of Superstorm Sandy.


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