Feng Shui Rules! Even If You Don't Know What It Is

All I really know about Feng Shui is how to spell it and how to pronounce it, but it helped me anyway!

I'd like to tell you absolutely everything I know about Feng Shui.
Are you ready?
Here it is:

  • It somehow matters where you place your furniture in a room.
  • Your feet should not be facing the door.
  • You should be able to see the door from your bed.
  • Underneath your bed should be uncluttered, so the energy can flow.

That is all.

So last Sunday, September 9th was Feng Shui Dui (pronounced Fung Shway Day, lol) in my bedroom.  It was also 25 years since my Mom passed away.  As odd as this may sound, each year since her passing, September 9th has turned out to be a great day somehow.  Of course I miss having my Mom here with me, yet I still feel closely connected and her Anniversary inspires me in ways I can't describe.
And this year was no exception.

I woke up very early and decided I was going to Feng Shui my room.  I began by moving the dresser and as soon as I pushed that dresser I looked down and noticed my long-lost iPod Shuffle.  I had misplaced it a few weeks earlier and I KNOW I looked under that dresser for it.  But there it was and without even thinking, the words "Thanks Mom!" came out of my mouth.
And then it got better...

Next was moving the bed, which only required I push it about 18 inches to the left.  It was pretty heavy, but I did it.  And this time, when I looked down, I saw my not-so-long lost Kindle!  It had only been four days since I was reading from it, but it was driving me a little crazy, because I couldn't recall if I'd put it back in my purse at the hair salon.  After checking with them, I decided that it had to be in my house, and under the bed was the first place I checked...TWICE!
Now, not only was I saying "Thanks Mom!", I was feeling really, really happy!  AND I was beginning to think there might be something to this Feng Shui stuff. :-D

Fast forward one hour and I was satisfied with the new bedroom layout.  I really liked it and noticed a newly created, cozy little corner next to my bed.  "I need to buy a nice comfy chair for that spot" I thought.  I loved the idea of sitting there, right next to the window, cozy-ed up with a great book.  I made a mental note to buy myself a new chair.  And then it got better...

I walked into "my office," AKA the guest bedroom and there, in the corner, as if dropped from Heaven (thanks again, Mom!) was the perfect chair.  It was the right color, the right size and definitely the right degree of comfy-ness.  Now that chair had been there, doing nothing, not being sat in for YEARS, but I hadn't really noticed it or considered putting it my room.  Yet on this day, I saw that chair with new eyes and I got as excited as if it was just delivered from Ethan Allen!   I'm still not done...

I had a great rest of the day.  I spent much of it thinking about my Mom, remembering all the good stuff and feeling happy, connected and... celebratory.

The chair, my iPod, Kindle and SIMPLY CELEBRATE book

Around 7PM, I realized that I hadn't gotten my mail on Saturday, so out to the mailbox I went.  Aside from the usual stuff, I received a small package from my friend Sherry in San Francisco.  Sherry is one of those Thoughtful -As-Can-Be people and she had surprised me with a copy of her awesome book, titled "Simply Celebrate~101 Simple Ways to Turn Ordinary Days into an Extraordinary Life." 

Are you kidding me?!??!
Now let's be real...the iPod, the Kindle and the chair were already in my house.  And that book had been sitting in my mailbox for over 24 hours.  I could have (and normally would have) gotten it on Saturday.  I would have still been happy and grateful and excited on Saturday, but I don't think I would have been brought to tears by the title of that book on Saturday.  And I don't think I would have felt so closely connected to my Mom if all these "simple" things didn't occur on that special day.

Was it the Feng Shui-ing?
Was it my Mom?
Does it matter?
What do you think?

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