Bridgewater Residents Show Kelly Ripa the "Jersey Look"

The Jersey native pays the Gatsby a visit for a segment on "Live with Regis and Kelly."

This week’s “Jerseylicious” had Bridgewater residents Gayle Giacomo and Christy Pereira preparing for a visit from Jersey girl, and "Live with Regis and Kelly" costar, Kelly Ripa.

The show opened with hairstylist Tracy DiMarco being filmed by Gigi Liscio, another hairstylist, outside the Gatsby. When Giacomo and Pereira arrived, DiMarco explained that she had been messaging "Live with Regis and Kelly’s" “How-to” segment repeatedly to get them to send Ripa to the Gatsby to learn how to do “The Tray Tease,” DiMarco’s signature hairstyle. They finally messaged her back, and had asked for a promotional video, which she was making at that time.

Giacomo and Pereira were excited, but Giacomo reminded DiMarco that it should have been run past her first.

“I’m really excited that Tracy took the initiative to make this video,” Giacomo said. “I think Tracy’s so gung-ho that sometimes she forget that she works for me.”

As if she could hear Giacomo’s interview, DiMarco confirmed this when she told Liscio “Gayle’s just trying to be a ‘boss,’” complete with air quotes.  

Once again, we are left wondering if any of these people would work here if it were not for the reality show.

On the Gatsby cutting floor, the staff talked to Liscio about her attempts to be “just friends” with ex-boyfriend Frankie Buglione. When intern Filipo Giove suggested a “friends with benefits” arrangement, Giacomo surprisingly supported the endeavor.

“After my husband I were not divorced yet, but separated, we did have—you know—the sex,” she said.

Pereira, after determining that this was in fact her father that Giacomo was speaking about, freaked out.

“And still to this day, we’re still good friends,” Giacomo said.

Later, DiMarco came into Giacomo’s office to tell her and Pereira that Ripa had officially decided to come to the Gatsby. They were excited, but tensions soon rose when DiMarco started to tell them what they were going to do, making herself the center of the show.

“Trace, it’s not just about you,” Giacomo said.

She told DiMarco she wanted to showcase more than just one stylist.

“I feel like she’s being really selfish and trying to take it away from me,” DiMarco said, once again forgetting that she did not even tell her boss that she was pursuing a huge project on behalf of a business she does not own, and yet still has a job.

Giacomo and DiMarco clashed yet again later in the episode when DiMarco said that Ripa wanted the full “Jersey look,” including smoky eye, shampoo and teasing. Giacomo assigned the smoky eye to Olivia Sharpe, DiMarco’s long-time nemesis, but for once that did not cause the problem.

The real issue arose when Giacomo said she would teach Ripa to tease, while DiMarco would teach the shampoo section. DiMarco was upset that she would not be the one to teach the teasing, when she viewed [and displays] it as her signature. She claimed she does not even shampoo on a regular basis.

“Everyone used to call me Tray Tease because I would always tease my hair and always teach everyone else to do it,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Gayle Tease just doesn’t roll off the tongue.”

Pereira, who was to be the model during the segment, agreed with her mother as usual.

“We would like Kelly to meet some of our other stylists besides Tracy,” she said. “Like, maybe the owner of the salon or the manager of the salon. Those two people would be nice, don’t you think?”

DiMarco suggested that they tease the hair together, which Giacomo agreed to try. When the staff rehearsed, it began to get too crowded and looked frankly ridiculous as they tried to work on Pereira’s head together, but neither of them was willing to back off.

On the day of the shoot, however, Giacomo once again began to freak out about being on live television.

Someone should probably tell her she’s on a reality show. Between this and the infomercial disaster a few weeks ago, it’s getting embarrassing.

Similarly embarrassing, and frankly surprising, is her inability to embrace the Jersey style that her employees [and her show] are so famous for. She told her staff, “It’s very important to me that you Jersify her, but in a very classy way.”

Given Jersey’s recent reputation in pop culture, Ripa was not coming to investigate the “classy” Jersey look, and she made that clear when she arrived.

“Haven’t been to Jersey in awhile,” Stratford native Ripa said. “I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned. The bigger the better hair, the makeup, the whole thing.”

Giacomo agreed, but began to worry that her tease would not measure up. Nervous to the point of shaking, she eventually agreed to let DiMarco show Ripa the tease alone.

In the end, Ripa had a terrific time and told Giacomo, “You’ve got really talented girls here. They’re great.”

The proud and beaming Giacomo said, “It was just amazing, and she’s an amazing person.”

The show airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on the Style network.

Leslee Enlow Allen Hedding August 30, 2011 at 12:13 AM
Way to Go Tracy!! My mouth was open when Gail put you on shampoo duty!! She needs to get out of your way!!!


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