Counterpoint: Attentive Service for a Thorough Pedicure

Stop number eight on the Pedicure Tour: CC Nails.

Editor's Note: We will be reviewing nail salons in Bridgewater, Hillsborough, Basking Ridge and Warren, and providing a point/counterpoint argument about our impressions of their pedicures. If you would like to join us on our tour, and provide your own thoughts, e-mail us at audreyl@patch.com or eileen.oldfield@patch.com.

Let me preface this week’s review by stating that I do not like cold.

I’m almost always cold—at my old office, my colleagues would complain about the building being hot in summer, and I’d be shivering in a sweatshirt— so I was a little worried about our October stop for the Pedicure Tour.

That’s because I didn’t really want to waltz around in flip flops. Luckily, we visited a local stop—CC Nails in Kingsbridge Center in Hillsborough.

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When I arrived at CC Nails to meet blogger Laura Madsen—who I promised to meet for coffee and had to reschedule several times—I was a little worried about running into the same indecisive streak I had at EM Nails. For those that don’t remember, it took me about 10 minutes to choose a color since the selection was so great.

Luckily, the nail technicians are both friendly and helpful. Not only did they come right up to me when I entered, issuing a friendly “Hi, you’re here for the 11 a.m. appointment?” but the woman who did my pedicure immediately showed me their new shades and noted what’s “in” for the fall season.

This having been said–and since I chose a muted color last time—I went for bright pink.

CC Nails is well-equipped for handling multiple appointments simultaneously. While I was a bit worried about scheduling three appointments at once, the salon handled it without problems. We had three pedicure chairs in a row, and the salon had the staff to handle two manicure appointments too.

The nail routine is fairly routine as far as removing the old polish, cutting the nails, cleaning the cuticles. However, CC Nails does take an extra touch.

The technician did ask if I wanted the nails cut [I declined, worrying that they’d be too short] and also noticed a broken nail on one toe. Since cutting it would leave it too short [and likely be painful during runs], she was willing to glue it together as a quick fix. The nail repair is $2 extra, but worth it, I thought. The cuticle clipping wasn’t painful either, which had been another worry for me.

In addition to the regular maintenance, the salon’s services include massaging clients’ legs with hot rocks. It’s a nice touch—I’m imagining it would be very relaxing on aching legs—so I’m tempted to schedule an appointment after a long run or intense workout.

Prior to painting the nails, the technician wrapped plastic containing a thick gel on my heels. It seems to help with the rough skin, though I never asked its exact purpose.

The polish application was thorough and neat, though I did manage to mess up one nail while walking to the drying station.
Luckily, the nail salon has a technician place another top coat on clients’ nails while they’re still at the drying station. I can see this adding to drying time, so it might not be for everyone. In this case, the nail technician noticed the smeared polish and fixed it without me asking them to—it was a very thorough touch and I’m pleased that they took that extra step.

All in all, the extra attention makes CC Nails a top spot for relaxing, attentive service.


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