Jerseylicious Star Rejoins Dating Scene

Salon owner attends millionaire mixer.

The latest episode of "Jerseylicious" premiered Sunday with Bridgewater resident, and Green Brook Gatsby Salon owner, Gayle Giacomo going to a “millionaire mixer.”

Gatsby intern Filippo Giove asked Giacomo about a “very very very special night” he heard she had. She asked him how he knew, and he said they work in a female salon where word travels fast.

Giacomo called her daughter, and Bridgewater resident, Christy Pereira and playfully yelled at her for telling people.

“I’m just excited!” Pereira said.

The rest of the staff was curious, so Giacomo told them she is signed up to go to a millionaire mixer that evening. She admitted she was both nervous and excited, because this was her first step.

“God knows she needs to do something,” Pereira said. “The last guy who asked her out, she goes ‘No, I don’t date, I have a granddaughter.’”

Hairdresser Gigi Liscio asked Giacomo what it was like to date older men. She said she has not had a date in the six months since she broke up with longtime boyfriend Frankie Buglione.

Pereira suggested Liscio go to the mixer with Giacomo. She was hesitant, but eventually agreed.

That night, at Giacomo’s house, Pereira watched her get dressed.

“I’ve never even been on a date!” Giacomo said.

“You’re ridiculous,” Pereira answered.

“No, I just married people,” Giacomo replied.

Giacomo looked through a box of hats, looking for one that would cover her hair, which she felt needed a touch-up. Pereira is not a fan of the hats, but Liscio, who showed up to accompany Giacomo, said she liked the one that was eventually chosen.

“Tonight’s the first night Gayle and I are actually going out together,” Liscio said, “and I’m so used to being her employee that I only see her as a boss. I don’t see her as going out, having a few drinks. Gayle could be a complete wallflower or a complete party girl, I have no idea.”

After they left, Pereira told daughter Daniela, “Grandma’s going to come back with a grandpa.”

The infant promptly burst into tears.

At the mixer, Liscio convinced Giacomo to take off the hat, which immediately drew a man to her. He was a bust, so the two devised a system of signals to allow them to rescue each other from boring conversations.

Giacomo soon met Leo, who she found charming and interesting. The two discussed their past romantic lives and what they want from life.

“Whatever it is, it’s a nice conversation,” she said.

Giacomo was so enchanted that she missed Liscio tugging on her ear as she was stuck in a conversation with another man.

“Did you not see me give the signal? I looked like I was having a seizure, Gayle,” Liscio said.

Joe, a salon owner, soon approached Liscio. The two bonded over beauty tips, which she found exciting. They exchanged cards.

Giacomo and Leo also exchanged numbers before she and Liscio left to go to the diner.

“It really makes me feel good to be at this mixer, because at least it makes me realize that I still can date, I’m not too old, I still got what it takes,” Giacomo said.

At the diner, Liscio introduced Giacomo to disco fries: French fries with mozzarella cheese and gravy. Giacomo said she is really stepping out of her box that night.

“I really didn’t expect to have such a good time with Gigi, because there is such an age difference,” Giacomo said, “but after spending the night with her, we just had so much in common. She’s in her 20s, I’m in my 50s. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what age you are, that you can still have a nice relationship.”

Unfortunately, when Giacomo checked her phone that night, she found that Anthony Lombardo, her employee and future business partner, had texted. When she called him back, he told her that there is a kid’s salon opening right near where they were planning on opening one of their own.

“It took Anthony and I months to come up with this idea, and now I feel like we have to start all over again," Giacomo said. "This is the last thing I need to hear today."

The two agreed to talk about it the next day.

The show airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on the Style network.

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