More Breaks In The 'Jerseylicious' Crew

Though less dramatic than prior episodes, this week's show has another breakup.


This "Jerseylicious" season can be summed up in a single word—breakups.

This week's episode brought what's at least the third breakup of the season, when makeup artist Olivia Sharpe and former best friend Briella Calafiore called it quits.

The breakup follows the Gatsby and Glam Fairy breakup by just a week, according to reality TV time. And, of course, Calafiore moves out of the apartment, with help from Sharpe's archenemy, Tracy DiMarco.

As show followers can guess, DiMarco is at the heart of the breakup. With Calafiore and DiMarco working together at the Glam Fairy, and Sharpe quitting the fairy squad to become head makeup artist at the salon, the split was almost inevitable.

Luckily, Sharpe has her position at the Gatsby to occupy her—and that means bringing customers to the salon. And a stroke of inspiration during a blowout class at the salon has Sharpe proposing a makeup class to owner Gayle Giacomo.

The name and theme? Gaga for glam. 

It's a play on going crazy for something and on Lady Gaga.

Giacomo agrees, though she's doubtful about the clientele the class will attract. She lets it go on anyway, however.

As Sharpe says, "Nobody's doing this, so we'd be the first ones."

Meanwhile, Alexa Prisco, the Glam Fairy owner, is trying to attract people to her new space, using a bridal flash mob.

I'm not kidding on that last one. There are about 30 brides dancing in the streets of Hoboken.

I'm not quite sure how they managed this without having anyone hear about it, but who knows.

There's also Frankie Buglione's attempt to propose to girlfriend and Gatsby stylist Gigi Liscio. He's trying to create the perfect date, but it keeps getting foiled, first by cold and rain. 

The perpetually arguing couple next to them debunks Buglione's second attempt, which occurs at a cooking class. Teasers from the next episode show he might have a chance next week though.

Anyway, back at the Gatsby, Sharpe's seminar sells out—and it's definitely not with the expected clientele. As stylist Anthony Lombardi says,  "There were girls, there were guys, there were girls who were guys....This is not your normal Gatsby clientele."

"Go get the scotch," he adds later.  "We're gonna need it."

I have to give props to Sharpe's teaching skills too. She enjoys what she's doing, which, as the show's edited together, makes her teaching easier to follow.

It also marks the second time I think I've seen someone I know on the show. I'm pretty sure I worked with the guy in the orange shirt at Fright Fest a few years ago, though I won't list his name here.

At the risk of sounding really bad, I didn't recognize him until he had makeup on and looked a bit like a ghoul.

The class is a success, Giacomo determines, despite the different clientele.

"I really don't care who shows up to these classes, as long as everyone's having a good time and it's profitable," she says. "Olivia can do fantasy makeup on the pope for all I care."

Giacomo agrees to host another class two weeks after the first one.

The episode closes with salon intern Filipo Giovi getting a video message of Alexa's flash mob while at the Gatsby. The reaction at the salon?

"Alexa's video was very creative," Giacomo says. "But it didn't come close to what Olivia did with her event here with Gaga for Glam here at the Gatsby. Personally, I think we're doing pretty good here without the Glam Fairy."


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