Resident: Vending Machines Shouldn't be in Playgrounds

He wonders what happened to the water fountains.

To the Editor:

I was stunned recently to find that the Kid’s Place water fountain at the Bridgewater playground [on Commons Way] had been removed and replaced with a large Pepsi vending machine hawking, of all things, unhealthy soft drinks to our kids.

In today’s depressing economy, families should not be forced into buying products from a vending machine when the water fountain previously worked well to serve our community.

I contacted the mayor’s office regarding this concern, but never received a reply and hope that Patch can make this issue visible and restore the water fountain.

Vending machines like this have no place in our community-based playgrounds and schools.


John Kozyra


Barry July 13, 2012 at 05:54 AM
What happened to freedom? Freedom to choose? I can't do this and I can't do that, pretty soon, I'll need to have permission to do anything or go any where. Already, there's a law in NYC regarding salt and they want to pass a law so you can't buy a large drink and then, they're kicking around a law to ban syrup. Where does this stop? I agree, that if the water fountain was removed, that it should be put back. However, removing a vending machine just because you say so, doesn't make it right. If I want a soda, I should be able to go buy one. Who are you to stop me? So, we're going to remove that vending machine just because soda is bad for you. How many soda's are bad for you? One? Two? Twenty? Is a kid going to drink 20 sodas at one time? How often is the kid going to be in that play ground area? Where are their parents? Are you their parent? Shouldn't that kids parents approve or disapprove what their child does or does not do? Put the water fountain back - but also keep the vending machine. Let's stop trying to dictate what other people should or should not be doing on this level over these types of minute situations.
Lagnaf July 19, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Bring the water fountain back. And if they are going to keep the soda machine just stock it with Red Bull, Monster, Jolt, 5 Hour Energy, Mountain DEW (the original), Four LOCO, AMP, and ROCKSTAR. Barry can you see over your belly, we have a major obesity problem right here in good ole U S of A. Soda on public playgrounds••••••••very stupid!
Barry July 20, 2012 at 02:03 AM
What's stupid is you, or anyone - taking away our freedom of choice. With such freedom comes responsibility. It is NOT up to you to be responsible for me or anyone else. Each child has a parent or guardian that is responsible for them. It is up to them to decide for their child - NOT - you. I suppose you agree with Mayor Bloomberg that you can not buy a soft drink that is over 32 ounces, but you can buy 2 or 3 or more 16 ounce soft drinks. I suppose you agree with Mayor Bloomberg that restaurants can not cook with salt. I suppose you agree with Senator Schumer that we should ban Syrup. This is the Land of the FREE - isn't it? If you don't like what's in the vending machine - simply don't buy it. OK? And guess what, if enough people don't buy the soda - the vending company might start putting in Orange Juice, or Iced Tea or bottled water. Simple economics. You do understand that, don't you?


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