Student: Siberian Tigers in Danger of Extinction

This will cause food chain problems, among others.

To the Editor:

Did you know that Siberian tigers are in danger of becoming extinct?

Siberian tigers’ habitats are disappearing, and because of that they need to be protected. Since that is happening, Siberian tigers are in danger of becoming extinct. If Siberian tigers are extinct, then their disappearance will disrupt the food web.

The world is becoming over-populated with Siberian tigers’ prey [musk deer, wild pig and more]. Siberian tigers are also losing their homes from humans. To help Siberian tigers from going extinct, the World Wildlife Fund [WWF] needs people to participate in their adopt-a-tiger program.  

In the wild, there are only about 350 adult tigers left. Two hundred-thirty of the 350 [90 percent] of the Siberian tigers live in Siberia, Russia. Siberian tigers are losing their homes because of humans. People are building big, beautiful homes on the Siberian tigers’ land. The Siberian tigers have to find other forests to live in, but there are no other forests by or in Siberia.

Loggers are also logging the Siberian tigers’ land. People cut down trees so they have enough room to build their homes, and the tigers lose.

If Siberian tigers are extinct, their disappearance will disrupt the food web. If Siberian tigers are not alive, they won’t be able to eat, so that area of the world will be over-populated with their prey. There will be too many Siberian musk deer. In Siberia, there’s currently about 150,000 Siberian musk deer.

To help, you can adopt a Siberian tiger. There are many Siberian tigers in Siberia, and in other countries too, that need care. They need food, water, shelter and medical care. Some tigers right now don’t have any of that.

Every day a Siberian tiger dies. Also, every day a Siberian tiger is born. There are not a lot of Siberian tigers left in our world. It’s very hard for them to survive with deforestation. It’s also very hard for them to survive with all of their problems.  

It’s so easy to adopt a Siberian tiger. You don’t have to live in Siberia, you just need to go on a computer.

To adopt a Siberian tiger, click here.

It’s easy as one, two, three. You can adopt one tiger or a family of Siberian tigers. The prices are $25, $50, $100 and $250. If you want to help Siberian tigers from going extinct, then go to WWF now!


Laura Heath

Sixth grade


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