Student: Those With Autism Deserve Respect

One student explains that they are no different than those without autism.

To the Editor:

Wherever you go, stares follow you. There is pointing and shocked expressions on people’s faces as you pass. Some people might say, “Why are they pointing?  Is it because they have autism?” 

But the right thing to say is, “Why should they be pointing?”

Contrary to what many people think, people with autism are no different than people without it. Everyone should accept them, even if they are different. In fact, there are some things that people with autism contribute that people without autism can’t contribute. In some ways, people with autism can be smarter, people with autism tend to be nicer and more trustworthy and they are people, too.

Most people think those with autism are dumb. They aren’t. They just have issues with verbal instructions.

It is a fact that people with autism can have amazing memory, even better than people without the diagnosis. They also take the time to notice patterns in data, which is amazing considering they have a brain dysfunction. They may not appear smart, but if you give them a set of data, or something to memorize, they can blow you away with how much they know how to do. They are very smart, even if they don’t show it.

People with the disability also tend to be nice, trustworthy and sincere. They express their feelings better than most people because they don’t know how to hide them. They usually don’t tell lies, and if you know people with autism, they are probably some of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet.

Why don’t they tell lies or act mean, you may ask? Because they can’t. They can’t communicate well, so they tell people what they are honestly thinking, and if they are happy, you will know it.

The main reason you should care about them is that they are people. They enjoy the same things we do, like going to the park, the movie, and the pool on a hot day. They have a heart, legs and arms. They have feelings, opinions and emotions.

The only difference is that their brains works differently. In my opinion, I would be proud to know that my brain works different than the majority of people. It’s a cool thing to be able to say. Just because they act differently, doesn’t mean they are not human.

Is there really a difference? Is there really a reason to stare at them, point or laugh? Maybe people will start to accept them and realize they are our equals, not people to make fun of, because they are just like us.


Kaitlyn Bladt

6th Grader

Sally Smith August 31, 2012 at 09:17 PM
I agree


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