Welcome to Bridgewater Patch!

Editor Audrey Levine invites residents to check out the newest addition to the Patch family.

I admit right here and now that I am not the best at following driving directions.

So, about three weeks ago, when I began to put together a directory of prime listings—important places like government offices, schools and churches—for the launch of Bridgewater Patch, I got a bit lost in my quest to drive around this very large town.

But, on the plus side, I can now better navigate around this 33-square-mile municipality, which I intend to cover with vigor in my new position as editor of Bridgewater Patch.

Bridgewater Patch is poised to be your No. 1 stop for all the news that matters to residents of this Somerset County town. We'll be providing updates around the clock on Bridgewater government, arts, events, crime, activities, sports—anything with an impact on how life in town is lived.

It's hard to express how excited I am about this opportunity. I come from a reporting background, having worked for three years as a municipal government reporter in Hillsborough and Manville, also in Somerset County. There, I got my first taste of what this county has to offer, and I'm excited to see it still, but from a different township's perspective.

And now I have moved on to become an editor, and I will take all that I have learned from my reporting years and apply it to my new job (where I'll be doing lots of reporting too, so expect to see me around town) to ensure that the residents are getting the best coverage they can about the town.

And I'd like to invite you to be part of that coverage. This is an interactive site, so that you, the reader, can submit photos, announcements, events and other information you want to share with your neighbors. 

I know that one of the most important things I can do to make this site a success is to listen to you, the reader. Tell me what you want to hear, what you want covered, what information is important to the town. I'm here to listen and learn with everyone else.

With that, I want to say welcome to Bridgewater Patch, thank you for checking out the site, and, most importantly ... let the games begin!


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