Baby Bear Sighted Near Garretson Road

The bear was reported to be non-aggressive.

A baby bear was sighted behind the residences on Garretson Road Tuesday morning, police said.

According to Bridgewater Township Police Chief Richard Borden, the baby black bear was spotted around 8:30 a.m. not far from police headquarters. He said the bear was non-aggressive, and therefore the Wildlife Authorities could not respond.

"Unless the bear shows signs of aggression, the Wildlife Authorities will not respond to a bear sighting," he said.

Bridgewater Township Police Lt. Al Nicaretta said bears are sometimes sighted in the Martinsville area of town, around Vosseller Avenue and other more wooded areas.

"Apparently the bears are migrating north, and they are out and about a little more this time of year than others," Borden said.

Borden said it is important that if you see a bear, you do not approach it or try to feed it in any way.

"It is not a domestic pet," he said. "Some people think since it looks non-aggressive, I'm going to go up to it, but it's still a wild animal."

"We don't want anyone confronting it or walking up to it," he added. "And definitely don't feed it because that will bring other bears."

Borden said residents can call the police department to report the sighting, but that they won't respond either unless it is an aggressive bear.

"We do not take any action with a bear unless there is an aggressive act going on, if it is attacking a human or attacking a domestic animal," he said. "But you cannot treat a baby bear like it's a domestic animal because it's not."

Nicaretta said it is important to make sure garbage cans have sealed tops and that food is not left outside. He said, also, that some bears can attack bird feeders looking for the food.

If you see the pole of the feeder down or it bent to the ground, Nicaretta said, it could be evidence of a bear.

BucaBuddy99 September 25, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Perhaps the bear was trying to figure out what those very large ugly structures are in the BRHS parking lot? Or maybe he just wanted to play at Kid Street??


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