Car Catches on Fire in Driveway Tuesday Afternoon

North Branch Chief David Hickson said it happened when the car was started.

North Branch and Green Knoll firefighters were dispatched to a home on Stillwell Court after the residents started their Audi in the driveway and it caught fire Tuesday, according to North Branch Fire Chief David Hickson.

Hickson said the firefighters were dispatched at 12 p.m. because of a reported car that was on fire, but believed to be out.

As soon as he arrived on the scene, Hickson said, the visible flames had subsided, but the car was still involved in the fire.

"The fire, which had settled into an area between the engine and the firewall, was still active and visible smoke could be seen," he said.

Hickson said the fire was difficult to extinguish, and they started with a chemical fire extinguisher.

"These extinguishers remove the oxygen and usually prove effective with this type of fire," he said. "The extinguisher was not enough for this stubborn fire, however, and water was needed to fully extinguish the blaze."

Firefighters, led by Lt. Ed Chabak, put out the remaining fire with a hand line.

Hickson said the units—North Branch Fire Company, Green Knoll Fire Company and Bridgewater Township Police—were on scene for about 30 more minutes to handle the situation.


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