Fire District 2 Proposes 2 Percent Budget Increase

The fire district elections will be held Saturday.

The two open positions on the Fire District 2 Commission are contested, with three people running for the spots this year.

The four districts in Bridgewater Township will be holding their individual elections Saturday to choose commissioners and request approval for their district budgets.

The polls will be open from 2 to 9 p.m.

Incumbents Gloria Langon and Joseph Langon Jr., and Robert Hanlon are running for two open seats on the commission.

As for the budget, the district is requesting approval of a budget set at $447,898, with the amount to be raised by taxes being $414,218.

“The budget is 2% higher,” said commission chairman Ronald Hazen. “Much to my dismay, we had to raise it”

Hazen said they had to change some things around in the budget to account for the needs of the district and the commission.

“We are the highest per capita district within the township, but also the smallest, and we don’t have as many rateables as every one else,” he said.

But, Hazen said, most of the district’s budget has been spent wisely despite the fact that it has increased.

“The budget has increased a lot, but we are now compatible with other districts within the township,” he said. “There is not a lot of extra, and our budget pays for everything needed in the township.”

The voting location for district 2 will be in the Bradley Gardens Firehouse Bays on Old York Road.


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