'Vulgar' Man Throws Fit After Asking Waitress Out, Cops Say

Hopatcong resident also charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing $3.99 lip balm.

A Hopatcong man was charged with harassment and criminal mischief after police said he allegedly yelled at Joey's Pizza customers, dumped salt and pepper on a table, threw napkins and flushed a men's room toilet more than 20 times all after vulgarly asking a waitress on a date.

Twenty-four-year-old Mohamed Chaudhary was charged with criminal mischief, harassment, shoplifting and disorderly conduct.

Officers responded to Joey's Pizza, in the Rite Aid plaza, after Chaudhary had left the store, according to a release prepared by Lt. Thomas Kmetz. Employees of the pizzeria told police that Chaudhary was being vulgar while asking a waitress repeatedly to go on a date with him and even yelled at other customers and cursed about the restaurant's food, Kmetz said.

Chaudhary also allegedly yelled at another employee who asked him to stop hitting on the waitress, dumped salt and pepper all over the table and floors and threw napkins in the restaurant. He then allegedly went into the men's restroom and clogged a toilet with toilet paper after flushing the toilet more than 20 times.

Chaudhary was found by police inside Rite Aid with a lip balm and allegedly put the lip balm in his pocket. When an officer approached him inside the store, Chaudhary allegedly put the lip balm back from where it was taken.

Chaudhary was arrested and transported to the Hopatcong police station. He was later released and told by police not to enter Joey's Pizza. If he does return, Kmetz said, he will be charged with trespassing.

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Chupacabra 73 January 25, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Hey Roseanne, its actually 3 brothers, the oldest is always working, the middle one, (subject) of this post and they have a younger brother, about 5 or something. I'm sure it was him with the flashlight. The oldest brothers look alike, but then again all those people look alike to me.
george January 25, 2013 at 05:42 PM
what street does this guy live on..so i know to tell my daughter to stay away
jazzman January 26, 2013 at 12:12 AM
Im only guessing Jefferson Tr num?...aint the a slap in the face of the constitution...to which Im issuing from this day forth a total and complete immunity from proscution to anyone who runs into this guy thats not including the MV
Phantom January 26, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Hopatcong is going to become a town of zombies. Article from Jan 23 says man noticed motion might go off around 1 something am, didn't think anything of it cuz he thought it was an animal til he saw surveillance footage of a suspicious man going through his truck. Police say if you hear a noise or lights come on always get up and check it out. Not for nothing but if residents got up out of bed for every little thing we'd never get any sleep. We're all gonna be zombies forcing ourselves awake to watch over and protect our homes, possessions & families from the likes of people like Mo. Not for nothing but everytime I read an article on The Patch about someone being arrested for burglary, criminal mischief, drugs, whatever - they are always processed & released. Wonder why we can't keep them locked up & off the streets.
My Loe July 11, 2013 at 04:11 PM
He's a creep. Said he was a security officer, and Hopatcong Police work WITH HIM to 'stop crime in Hopatcong" theres something wrong with him


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