Fragile Trees a Concern in New Storm, Chief Says

Bridgewater Police urges residents to use caution.

Just a little more than a week after Hurricane Sandy battered Bridgewater, another storm has descended with a nor'easter expected to hit Wednesday evening, bringing rain, wind and possibly snow.

"Yet another storm, just what we don't need," said Bridgewater Township Police Chief Richard Borden.

And as the precipitation continues to fall in Bridgewater, Borden said it is the tension caused by wind on already fragile trees and wires that has the police most concerned.

"Our township crews are obviously still working and will continue working throughout the evening," he said. "We are essentially on standby depending on what type of precipitation arrives, snow or rain."

Broden said residents need to stay away from all wires and trees that look as though they may fall.

"Every wire should be considered and treated as a live wire," he said. "People should contain their curiosity during a storm because of the risk on roads of additional falling trees and/or wires."

During the height of the storm, which is expected to hit in the evening hours, residents should only travel if they are faced with an emergency, Borden said. In other circumstances, call 911, he said.

Even officers have been advised to use caution, Borden said.

"Yesterday, an officer was injured when an outside stairway collapsed as he was conducting a welfare check on an elderly woman," he said.

If necessary, Borden said, the Bernards High School in Bernardsville is still serving as a shelter.

"The best advice I can give is to utilize your common sense and to be aware of your surroundings in a storm, whether driving or walking out of your residence," he said.

And for extreme caution when traveling around the township, these roads are still closed throughout Bridgewater.

  • Crim Road and Running Brook Drive
  • Church Road
  • Emerlard Trail near Route 601
  • Foothill Road and Jamestown Road
  • Hillcrest Road, between Washington Avenue and Morning Glory Road
  • Madison Avenue
  • Meadow Road at Goldfinch
  • Milltown Road at Moray Avenue and Andover Avenue
  • Morning Glory Road into Warren Township
  • Mt. Horeb Road
  • North Mountain Avenue and Route 22 West
  • Papen Road between Tilton Road and Wishnow Way
  • Papen Road between Sunset Ridge Road and Partridge Drive
  • Vosseller Avenue north of Route 22
  • Perrine to Washington Valley Road


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