Generator Fell When Tractor Trailer Hit Bridge, Fire Chief Says

The incident occurred on Route 202/206 North on Monday.

A tractor trailer hit the bridge at the intersection of Route 202/206 North and Route 22, knocking over a generator, around 12:30 p.m. Monday, according to North Branch Fire Chief Dave Hickson.

Hickson said the fire company was dispatched to the scene where a tractor trailer, loaded with two trailer-mounted generators, had hit the bridge.

The truck was unable to clear the bridge with its load, Hickson said, and, when it hit, one of the generators partially fell from the truck bed.

"I believe the height of the bridge is 14 feet, which is plenty high for a standard load," he said. "The problem with this load was that he had very large generators mounted on a trailer and then loaded on to another trailer."

"This added height, which the driver apparently forgot to take into account," he added.

Hickson said there were no flammable liquids leaking from the generator, and no apparent life hazards from the accident, so the fire company left the scene while the Bridgewater Police Department remained on scene to assist in the removal of the truck.

The traffic during the incident, Hickson said, was very backed up, because the Somerville Fire Company was working on an overturned vehicle in the Hess parking lot on Route 202/206 North at the same time.

"I'm sure you can imagine the traffic nightmare," he said. "It was very difficult even with lights and sirens to get to the scene."


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