Convicted Murderer Gets Hearing for New Evidence

The judge will hold a hearing for new evidence from the Tormasi trial.

Superior Court Judge John Pursel agreed Wednesday to hold a hearing concerning a document in which late Bridgewater resident Attila Tormasi admitted to arranging for the death of his wife and letting his son take the fall, according to an article on NJ.Com.

According to the article, Tormasi's son, Walter, has been granted a hearing into the confession, which would be the first step toward a new trial.

In the document, the article said, Tormasi allegedly admits to hiring a private detective to shoot his 39-year-old estranged wife, Frances, in 1996, and then bribing his son's attorney to conceal his involvement.

Attila Tormasi died in 2010.

Walter Tormasi, 33, was sentenced to life in prison in 1998 for shooting his mother in what authorities called an "ambush" outside their home. Tormasi was 16 at the time, and tried as an adult.

The state Supreme Court had refused to hear a previous appeal from Tormasi, who had said that his attorney had failed to properly investigate his father during the trial itself.

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