Non-Violent Crime Numbers Decrease in Bridgewater

The Uniform Crime Report was released for 2011.

There were about 30 fewer incidents of non-violent crimes in Bridgewater in 2011, as opposed to 2010, according to state statistics released Friday.

Attorney General Paula Dow released the 2011 Uniform Crime Report Friday with information about crime rates throughout the state, broken down into individual municipalities, and comparing those with numbers determined in 2010.

According to the report, Bridgewater saw 17 violent crimes and 658 non-violent crimes in 2011, as opposed to 15 violent and 689 non-violent crimes in 2010.

As for the breakdown of violent crimes, Bridgewater saw one murder, two rapes, five robberies and nine aggravated assaults in 2011.

In February 2011, Bridgewater dealt with the murder of Roy T. Jewelers jewelry store owner Roy Devoe.

In 2010, there were zero murders, one rape, six robberies and eight aggravated assaults.


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