Town Fared Well in Snowstorm, Police Say

Bridgewater was spared further damage.

Despite more power outages being reported around town because of Wednesday's snowstorm, the township is not dealing with new damage, according to Bridgewater Township Police Chief Richard Borden.

"I believe we were spared further damage due to the winds not gusting to great speeds," he said.

Fortunately, Borden said, the township is not seeing additional roads closed because of damage. The only reason for some new roads to have temporary closures, he said, is because utility crews are working on the original outage problems.

And, Borden said, they are moving forward with no current concerns about additional trees or wires falling because of heavy snow.

"At this time, we have had no reports of issues with wires or trees impacted by the snow, which is obviously a very good thing," he said.

Here is an updated list of road closures from the Bridgewater Township Police Department:

  • Brown Road and Rector Road
  • Church Road
  • Emerald Trail near Route 601
  • Foothill Road and Jamestown Road
  • Foothill Road between Mine Road and Hillside Drive is down to one lane
  • Hillcrest Road between Washington Avenue and Morning Glory Road in Warren Township
  • Madison Avenue
  • Meadow Road at Goldfinch
  • Milltown Road at Moray Avenue and Andover Avenue where a wire is down
  • Morning Glory Road into Warren Township
  • Mountain Top Road between Crim and Mine roads
  • Mt. Horeb Road
  • North Mountain Avenue and Route 22 West at Woodland Terrace
  • Papen Road between Tilton Road and Wishnow Way
  • Papen Road between Sunset Ridge Road and Partridge Drive
  • Steele Gap Road between Jaguar Lane and Mountain Top Road
  • Vosseller Avenue north of Route 22
  • Perrine to Washington Valley Road
stewart resmer November 09, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I have been reading up on councilman Moench's voting record on the Bridgewater Council: He is endorsed by the Tea Party. (the one that may have destroyed the GOP) He votes against more matters than he is ever reported to have been voted for! Seatbelt awareness program paid for bay a grant. NO License plate readers for Police cars. NO Community Center study paid for by a grant. NO Sidewalks for school bus p/up drop off areas. NO Emergency Services and equipment sharing with Somerset County (pre Sandy). NO Emergency responders incentives for taking classes and attending meetings ($50) pre Sandy. NO Selling city owned commercial property that could have been developed to include mixed use low income housing (in a down real estate market). YES Bridgewater public safety seems to have been put at risk by these votes, very reckless I say.
Nicholas Clark November 10, 2012 at 07:25 PM
I am curious, why is Mr. Resmer -- a Wayne, NJ resident -- so concerned about Bridgewater politics??? Sounds like he has a personal agenda, without any concern whatsoever for the Bridgewater residents. Looks like Mr. Resmer joined Patch on 11/7 with an agenda. Click his link and see. All his comments are against the GOP. He's for BIG GOVERNMENT and INCREASED TAXES. I doubt he even lives in Bridgewater, that's why he's so willing to increase OUR taxes. Yes Mr. Resmer, the Bridgewater government, representing Bridgewater residents, does worry about Bridgewater residents paying more property taxes, and yes they do vote to prevent unnecessary government intrusion into our personal lives. Thank goodness they're looking out for us.


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