Trial Date Not Set for Man Accused in 2009 Murder

The date hinges on the outcome of a hearing on another defendant's confession.

A trial date has still not be set for Rocky DiTaranto, one of the men accused in the 2009 Memorial Day weekend murder of Bridgewater resident Carolyn Stone, according to an article in The Star-Ledger.

According to the article, Superior Court Judge John Pursel denied a motion Thursday to either set the trial date, drop the $1 million bail against DiTaranto or dismiss the charges against him.

Another defendant in the case, Gary Wilson, 29, has already pled guilty in the crime, and told the judge that he and friends were attending a Memorial Day weekend barbecue at an Oak Street home, and became intoxicated after drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine. In the middle of the night, Wilson said, DiTaranto led Stone, who was also intoxicated, into the backyard of the home. 

From there, Wilson said, DiTaranto had sex with Stone on the ground, keeping his hands on her neck to keep her down. After DiTaranto had sex with her, Wilson said, he was supposed to have sex with her too, but didn't.

Wilson said he then dropped a cinder block three times on her head to keep her quiet.

According to the Star-Ledger article, James Wronko, DiTaranto's attorney, has been claiming that his client's right to a speedy trial has been violated, and has made similar requests twice over the last two years.

Wronko said, according to the article, that DiTaranto's mother is broke and cannot afford to keep in contact with her son, which has led to his motions concerning a speedy trial.

But DiTaranto's trial hinges on the outcome of one for co-defendant , who is expected to have a hearing this month on a report by an expert witness that he may have given a false confession to the murder because of his heroin addiction and his withdrawal at the time of that confession.


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