Volunteers Honored Through LOSAP Program

Members of the rescue squads and fire departments were recognized for service.

The township has released the names of local rescue squad volunteers who qualify for contributions under the township’s LOSAP program.

The program is established to honor volunteers through the Emergency Services Volunteer Length of Service Award Program to provide annual contributions for qualifying members to a deferred-income account for any person who meets certain criteria.

The required contributions for 2012 is $1,210.48 per qualified member who achieves a minimum of 500 annual service points.

Those receiving the awards are from the Bradley Gardens First Aid and Rescue Squad, the Finderne First Aid and Rescue Squad, the Martinsville Rescue Squad and the Green Knoll Rescue Squad.

The points are earned based on training, drills, meetings, responding calls and other work.

Below is the list of honorees through the program.

Martinsville Rescue Squad

  • Michael Alonso, of Warren
  • Brian Atherton, of Bridgewater
  • Howard Bixler, of Bridgwater
  • JoAnne Bixler, of Bridgewater
  • John Cowley, of Bridgewater
  • Georgetta Denhardt, of Bridgewater
  • Donald Elias, of Martinsville
  • Catherine Franco, of Martinsville
  • Diane Goldsmith, of Bridgewater
  • Ana Geraldes, of Basking Ridge
  • Rita Gonsalves, of Martinsville
  • Yolanda Guzman, of Bridgewater
  • Michael Hamerslag, of Martinsville
  • Susan Klein, of Martinsville
  • Penelope Lynch, of Martinsville
  • Debbie Manna, of Martinsville
  • Donald McBride, of Martinsville
  • James Mecca, of Bridgewater
  • Peter Mone, of Basking Ridge
  • William Mone, of Basking Ridge
  • Inge Monticello, of Bridgewater
  • Lisa Pantano, of Clifton
  • Sara Rall, of Warren
  • William Roberts, Jr., of Martinsville
  • Margaret Samuels, of Bridgewater
  • Hank Schleckser, of Martinsville
  • MaryEllen Schleckser, of Martinsville
  • Judy Schnell, of Martinsville
  • George Schofield, of Martinsville
  • James Scott, of Bridgewater
  • Mark Swartz, of Bridgewater
  • Harry Triantis, of Bridgewater
  • Doris Zampella, of Martinsville
  • Donna Zarelli, of Martinsville
  • Susan Zweig, of Bridgewater

Green Knoll Rescue Squad

  • David S. Carson
  • Michael S. Halperin
  • Stephan Landau
  • Timothy Ring
  • Sabino V. DeRogatis
  • David Weedon
  • Craig Simon
  • Jo-El Misciagna
  • Marc Vogt
  • Michael O’Brien
  • Sharon Pasewaldt

Finderne First Aid & Rescue Squad

  • Aaron Callahan
  • Adam Fulmore
  • Amanda Ianniello
  • Brian Sowden
  • Carol Ianniello
  • Dale Artfitch
  • Dhruvi Shah
  • Gary Lavenia
  • Gina Puerari
  • Glenn Gallacher
  • Jacob Radcliffe
  • Jesse Brennan
  • Justin Rivera
  • Katie Sowden
  • Kathy Sowden
  • Marc Sowden
  • Richie Sowden

Bradley Gardens First Aid & Rescue Squad

  • Dan Calligaro
  • Kevin Gross
  • Chris Ireland
  • Robert Hanlon II
  • Judy Hanlon-Offenburger
  • Jack Thompson
  • Guilio Dantonio
  • Wind Chen
  • Juliana Calligaro
  • Scott Woodruff
  • Jeffrey Taylor
  • Becky Comandini
  • April McMorrow
  • Nick Rinaldo
  • Alyssa Geshwinder
  • Gabe Trepiccione
  • Kyle William
  • Brianna Retsis
  • MaryBeth Engelhardt
  • Phil Langon


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